Festival day four: Conversation with the more-than-human

24. juni 2022

Friday 24 June: Conversation with the more-than-human
How may we as humans uproot the desire to impose our will upon the living worlds around us? How do we become more receptive to nonhuman languages and ways of being? Friday, and day four of the festival starts already at noon with a seed bomb-workshop for all ages, with artists and gardeners Ingeborg S. Olerud and Fernanda Branco. We make seed bombs and throw them in the nearby surroundings.
Today's activation session, Rituals and Dances that Matter is a chance to learn in depth about Anna Halprin´s Planetary Dance Ritual, its score, history, and preparations, to become a resource in Saturday's Planetary Dance Ritual. The workshop is followed by our everyday yummy vegan dinner before entering into a round table Conversation with the more-than-human with philosophers Martin Lee Mueller and Arne Johan Vetlesen and festival artists Julia Adzuki and Fernanda Branco guided by moderator and artist Karmenlara Ely. In the evening Keith Hennessy will perform his latest piece Back (all I wanna do is dance and fuck and swim with you) on the main stage and Liv Kristin Holmberg will host a post funeral gathering on the small stage.


12.00–13.30 / Foyer
Seedbomb-workshop: For all ages with artists and gardeners Fernanda Branco and Ingeborg S. Olerud
Artists and gardeners Fernanda Branco and Ingeborg S. Olerud hold a workshop open to kids - and everyone who wants to stick their fingers in the soil and take action for a greener city. We meet in the theatre foyer to make our seed bombs of clay, soil, and seeds. We end our time together with a walk in the local area where we as some sort of guerrilla gardeners, will throw our seed bombs in suitable places.
This workshop springs from LATERNA's project CosA Garden // Pollinary Dances, which is centered around ecology and the relationship between place, people, and the more-than-human world.

13.30: Lunch: Bring your own lunch!

14.00–17.30 / Foyer and Small Stage
Activation Session: Dohee Lee / LATERNA Rituals and Dances that Matter.
Warm-up and preparations for tomorrow's Planetary Dance
Joining this workshop is a chance to learn in depth about Anna Halprin´s Planetary Dance Ritual, its score, history, and preparations, to become a resource in Saturday's Planetary Dance Ritual. It is also a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the legacy and rituals of legendary Anna Halprin, mother of such an important part of American dance history (who passed away one year ago at the age of 101!), being a huge inspiration to LATERNA and our work dealing with creating rituals for our own time.

With close guidance by Dohee Lee, (Anna Halprin´s apprentice for many years, and also the one who has hosted this ritual at the Venice Biennale in 2017 amongst many other places), LATERNA will go through the ritual score, practice and rehearse the movements and drumming, the offerings, make flags etc. and get in the mood for tomorrow ́s ritual. All participants will become resources and support the ritual to happen in the best manner for those who show up on Saturday without knowing much of the procedure of the ritual event from before.

18.00: Dinner

19.00–20.30 / Foyer
Conversation with the-more-than-human:
With Philosophers Martin Lee Mueller and Arne-Johan Vetlesen, artists Julia Adzuki and Fernanda Branco. Guided by moderator Karmenlara Ely

21.00 / Main Stage
Performance: Keith Hennessy Back (all I wanna do is dance and fuck and swim with you)
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Keith Hennessy offers a simple performance with three dances, a song, and a few costumes. An aging gay on stage alone, but of course not alone because, you know, ancestors, friends, lovers, costumes, land, sky, ocean, theater. Keith says, “Covid pushed me to dance outdoors, often near water, usually naked. Turning 60 motivated me to reactivate my sexual body and desires. Dance, nature, pleasure... really? What about the white male body and eco capitalist crisis and crushing lack of solidarity? Maybe this performance is not about anything. Maybe something else is happening. Maybe my body is more hallucinogenic than coercive.”

Credits: Back is imagined and performed by Keith Hennessy, supported by beings known and unknown. Costumes: Jack Davis, Guči Fabrika, Biddell, Duality Junkie, Hennessy Voices: Billie Eilish, Fred Moten, Angela Dimitrakaki. Music: TBD..., Alvero Soler. Production: Circo Zero. The floor sculpture was made from the scraps of Guči Fabrika (Cote Jaña Zuñiga) at Homo Novus Festival 2021 in Riga, Latvia. The pink dress dance was first performed at an anti-eviction ritual within an installation (The Maze of Eviction) by Mark Garrett and Rob Costin. The turquoise silk was previously used in the Circo Zero performances Sara (the smuggler) and Circle X. Thanks: Tom O’Toole, Pacific Ocean, Nathaniel Moore, Fire Island, Mark Garrett + Rob Costin, Alley Wilde, Yuba Libre + Yuba river, The Dederich/Gaines family, San Francisco Bay, Larry Arrington, the TRY team, all the friends who offered care, the healers and hookers, the old men on T4GM and SilverDaddies, and the communities of friends, artists, and activists who nourish the cultures where I work and play.

22.30 / Small stage
Liv Kristin Holmberg Gravøl - Post funeral Gathering. Soup and conversation. Reflection and common wondering over the work Les Ténèbres - In the Dark Hour

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Ticket information and free entrance

The festival offers free entrance to several events. The following shows are ticketed:

Ivana Müller: Forces of Nature
Julia Adzuki: Ashes to Ashes / The Ministry of Environmental Grief
Robert Steijn: When the moon kisses the sun - A Snake Dance
Keith Hennessy: Back (all I wanna do is dance and fuck and swim with you)

Tickets are available online here
Full price: NOK 250 / Moderation price: NOK 150 / Under 25 years old: NOK 100

*The performance Les Ténèbres - In the Dark Hour is a one-on-one performance with a limited number of places available. To book your ticket please send an sms including your name and preferred date to mobile no: +47 971 95 857.