Ingeleiv Berstad


Ingeleiv Berstad is a Norwegian choreographer and performer who graduated with a Master’s degree in Choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2012. In 2019, she established the artist-run place Bananaz, together with Tormod Carlsen, Kristin Helgebostad and Kristin Skiftun, in Grønlandsleiret 47a in Oslo.

Ingeleiv Berstad creates works for both the stage room, non-theatrical rooms and landscapes. She is curious about the forces that shape our bodies, ideas and history – energies she seeks to swirl and fantasize with and through. Through the performing arts, she wants to create sensory and physical experiences that expand and challenge the place, bodies and relationships that are in motion at all times. Berstad uses the conventions of performing arts to create new collective experiences, moving unabashedly between center and periphery, tradition and the indeterminate in what can be called dance and theater.

Ingeleiv Berstad has been an associated artist at Black Box teater since 2019, and in 2020, our collaboration has expanded. Black Box teater will continue presenting projects initiated by Ingeleiv Berstad, and is also collaborating with Bananaz on Se/Snakk – a project run by Tormod Carlsen.