Safe spaces

Measures for a safe and inclusive working space

Black Box teater fosters inclusion and diversity. We are committed to contribute to an environment without discrimination and harassment, a space of trust and assurance of integrity where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

We promote positive change and a working environment based on respect. We have a zero tolerance policy with all forms of discrimination and harassment at Black Box teater.

We work on these issues through several stages: during the curating of the artistic program, through guidelines and reporting routines, and by promoting cultural change.

We work actively for a variety of perspectives on these matters, and include new and diverse voices into the conversation.

Regarding cultural change, an important part of them is that responsibility also lies with the bystander. Discrimination and harassment concerns everyone, not just victims and the person who harasses or discriminates. Everyone is responsible for breaking the culture of silence and establishing a safe space of trust.

In questions of harassment and damage to the privacy of individuals, there are no definite answers or solutions as each situation is unique. It is important to have a solid foundation of established routines and guidelines, and then each situation must be actively met and requires rethinking depending on the given situation. Due to this, it is very important for Black Box teater to keep the dialogue alive on how to face discrimination and harassment.


Black Box teater is a member of Balansekunst (The Art of Balance), a Norwegian association of more than 80 organizations, companies, festivals and other arts and culture institutions that engage in promoting gender equality and diversity in the arts.

Excerpts of their message: “Society is marked by strong social and cultural norms attached to for instance gender, sexuality and ethnicity, which in turn leads to inequitable distribution of power, and to unequal prerequisites for people. Inequality exists on most levels, and they tend to influence and enhance each other. Gendered educational choices, for instance, contribute to maintaining a gender-segregated labour market. Equality means greater freedom for all, and greater diversity leads to a richer cultural life.”


Black Box teater has obtained Balansemerket. This is Balansekunst´s initiative to prevent sexual harassment, dicrimination and power obuse among people working with arts and culture. It contains courses, workshops and the development of guidelines and measures.
Read more about Balansemerket here.

What do you do if you experience/witness harassment or discrimination?

If you experience unwanted behavior, or wish to notify on behalf of others, you are free to choose who you want to contact:

Artistic and general director
Jørgen Knudsen

Head of administration
Roger Karlsen

Head of production
Ida Marie Sandvik

Head of communication
Sara Wegge

Stage and videomanager
Agnar Ribe

Sound manager
Morten Pettersen

Externally /
Tel. +47 940 87 929

When a harassment case is notified, Black Box teater conducts an internal investigation, bound by the duty of confidentiality; and with the assistance of a lawyer, external adviser and Balansekunst when necessary. All incidents and cases are taken seriously and investigated in a confidential setting.


A text by BIT Teatergarasjen, Black Box teater and Teaterhuset Avant Garden (now Rosendal Teater), published 19 December 2017.

Read the text here (pdf)