Episode #12: Site-specific works and the active spectator

In this episode we hear a conversation between Ingeleiv Berstad, Tormod Carlsen and Marie Bergby Handeland.

All three of them have presented works at Black Box teater this fall – Ingeleiv and Tormod presented Gangar fra Svartdalen, while Marie presented Kirkedanseren (the Church Dancer), and the works took place respectively in the Svartdal Park and in Greenland Church.

In both works the audience are active participants – and what actually happens in the meeting between the site-specific works and the active participant? This, and several other things, the three artists talk about in this episode of our podcast.

Published 13 November 2020.

This podcast episode is made by Oda Tømte, Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland, Elin Grinaker, Morten Pettersen and Martin Langlie.

Ingeleiv Berstad
Tormod Carlsen