Gangar from Svartdalen

24.–30. august 2020 ❶ Premiere

Past showings

16:00, Svartdalsparken

Gangar from Svartdalen is a walk and phone number. At an agreed time and place we call you and sing you into the secrets of Svartdalen. “Gangarar” are folk dances based on walking steps. The districts of Telemark and Setesdalen are well known for their walking dances, while “gangarar” from other regions are lost and forgotten. Gangar from Svartdalen unfolds as you walk in the lonesome company that only a song sung over the phone can give. Together we are looking for a common rhythm, a common body that draws us into the valley.

We recommend that you bring your own headset for your phone and make sure that your phone is well charged. Dress for the weather.

The performance has free entrance, but you have to book yourself a ticket in advance for a time slot that is yours only. We will send you a meeting place and call you exactly at your chosen time. Together we walk the valley.

Here you will find available times and ticket booking.

Ingeleiv Berstad and Tormod Carlsen have previously worked together in the group Norwegian Landscape Theater and share an interest in how to generate places through experience. Gangar from Svartdalen is based on the old tradition of epic poetry and ballads that conjure up stories – storytelling that connects us to places.

  • Duration 35 minutter