Janina Rajakangas

17.–18. oktober 2024

17:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Fragility and boldness blend together in Dancer, a dance piece focusing on neurodiversity

A group of dancers are clapping and singing on stage. They snap their fingers to create a shared rhythm. Movements pulsate, flow, and burst on stage. Together, the participants create an pleasant polyphony, where fragility and boldness blend together, communicating a unique strength.

Dancer marks the final part of Finnish choreographer Janina Rajakangas' trilogy that explores and challenges patriarchy in everyday life.

The works Meadow (2021), Venus (2022), and Dancer (2023) highlight in different ways how paternal power is seen and felt in daily life. A dancer is - consciously or unconsciously - limited by the restrictive society, reflected in who is considered a dancer, and who is not.

Choreographer Janina Rajakangas herself grew up and lives in a family with neurodiversity. Her experiences have given the choreographer a personal desire to process and develop new methodology for diverse and inclusive dance art.

In Dancer, Rajakangas has specifically worked to develop a piece that takes into account the different needs arising in a neurodiverse working group. The individual experiences have nourished the choreographic process.

Rajakangas‘ artistic work has been shown and supported by Zodiak Centre for New Dance, CODA International Dance Festival, Kiasma Theatre, The Place Theatre, Moving in November Festival, and Baltic Circle, among others.

Dancer premiered at Kiasma Theatre in Helsinki in September 2023, and will have its Norwegian premiere during the CODA Festival.

This performance is intended for everyone who can enjoy a more relaxed theatre. All showings are in accordance with a relaxed performance concept.

  • We have left some audience seating empty to allow space
  • You can change seats during the show. Also swaying, changing positions and doing other things you need for yourself is welcome
  • If you have a need for stims or echoes with sounds or you otherwise benefit from producing sound, it is welcome
  • You can leave the theatre space and you are welcome back
  • Earplugs will be available

Black Box Theatre has a wheelchair lift in the foyer, and there are dedicated wheelchair spaces in the auditorium. Hosts will be available to assist as needed. Please feel free to contact Black Box in advance if you require additional assistance.

We ask that you do not wear products with strong scents, when you come to the performance


  • Lightning changes, loud music

In collaboration with CODA Oslo International Dance Festival .

  • Duration 70 minutter