Trond Reinholdtsen
The Chosen Ones

13. september 2024 ❶ Premiere

19:00, Lille scene
  • The capacity for this performance is low, but don't worry – if you didn't get a ticket you can show up at Black Box teater and put your name on the waitlist, you might be next in line. The performance lasts approximately 5 hours, and the audience can leave at their own accord. If someone leaves the performance, the next person in line is offered to go in. The bar opens one hour before the performance and is open throughout the evening.

Sneakpeek into a secretive artistic community creating operas and ideal worlds in a meadow deep into the Swedish forest.

Earlier this year, a reclusive artistic sect performed an opera in the Village of Ø inVärmland, Sweden. Twelve observers from Oslo, The Chosen Ones, were selected to pay a secret visit to this utopian village. Here they witnessed first hand the life of the mysterious community, including their education, ceremonies, military training and operatic productions. The ‘Followers of Ø’ – cult members described as ‘a strange, mystical group of losers’ – presented a live show in meadows, barns and opera houses.

Now, during the Ultima festival 2024, the audience at Black Box teater can watch the unfolding events, documented, commented on, and interpreted by The Chosen Ones.

This will be a rare opportunity to experiencethe daily activities and art of the Village of Ø, in a marathon five-hour, multi-techno-media-installation-performance-opra-docu-propaganda-ritual conducted by the village founder Trond Reinholdtsen.

Trond Reinholdtsen is educated as a classical composer and singer. In his work, he mixes references to lecture, documentary, performance and banality with his interest in narrative form, mathematical structure and communist propaganda. The work The Followers of Ø: «To arms! To arms!» – an affirmative Oratory by the Norwegian Opra was performed at Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020.

In collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival .