LATERNA festival: Topical Program

21.–24. juni 2022

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19.00, Black Box teater

19.00, Black Box teater

19.00, Black Box teater

19.00, Black Box teater

The part of the LATERNA festival program consisting of talks and conversations is weaving into the overall thinking behind the festival, where every day has a different topic under the same umbrella, where reflection, listening and wondering towards a new future is possible within conversations across different fields.

The different conversations carry the headlines Conversation with Place, Conversation with Spirits, Conversation with Healing and Conversation with the More-Than-Human.

When thinking of our personal relationships with the natural world, we, as story-telling beings, may be predisposed to be on the look-out for epiphanies – the big pay-off. But becoming “kin”, to deeply feel part of the whole, consists of repeated intimacies, familiar encounters and daily undoings and transformations that are dependent on visitations and conversations within a smaller circle of place, which we try to offer a space for here at the festival:

Day 1: Conversation with Place
Tuesday 21 June / 19.00

With eco-philosopher and storyteller Martin Lee Mueller, artists Annike Flo and Ayesha Jordan, guided by moderator Ingrid Vranken.

Day 2: Conversations with Spirits
Wednesday 22 June / 19.00

With curator and writer Milena Högsberg and artists Lilach Pnina Livne, Liv Kristin Holmberg and Robert Steijn guided by moderator Ingrid Vranken.

Day 3: Conversations with Healing
Thursday 23 June / 19.00

With shaman and healer Eirik Myrhaug Partapuoli and artists Kristina Gjems, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel and Keith Hennessy, guided by moderator Karmenlara Ely.

Day 4: Conversations with the More-Than-Human
Friday 24 June / 19.00

With philosophers Martin Lee Mueller and Arne Johan Vetlesen and artists Julia Adzuki and Fernanda Branco guided by moderator Karmenlara Ely.

Free entrance to all the topical events.