LATERNA festival: Topical Program

21.–24. juni 2022

Past showings

19:00, Black Box teater

19:00, Black Box teater

19:00, Black Box teater

19:00, Black Box teater

The part of the LATERNA festival program consisting of talks and conversations is weaving into the overall thinking behind the festival, where every day has a different topic under the same umbrella, where reflection, listening and wondering towards a new future is possible within conversations across different fields.

The different conversations carry the headlines Conversation with Place, Conversation with Spirits, Conversation with Healing and Conversation with the More-Than-Human.

When thinking of our personal relationships with the natural world, we, as story-telling beings, may be predisposed to be on the look-out for epiphanies – the big pay-off. But becoming “kin”, to deeply feel part of the whole, consists of repeated intimacies, familiar encounters and daily undoings and transformations that are dependent on visitations and conversations within a smaller circle of place, which we try to offer a space for here at the festival:

Day 1: Conversation with Place
Tuesday 21 June / 19.00

With eco-philosopher and storyteller Martin Lee Mueller, artists Margrethe Pettersen, Annike Flo and Ayesha Jordan, guided by moderator Ingrid Vranken.

Day 2: Conversations with Spirits
Wednesday 22 June / 19.00

With curator and writer Milena Högsberg and artists Lilach Pnina Livne, Liv Kristin Holmberg and Robert Steijn guided by moderator Ingrid Vranken.

Day 3: Conversations with Healing
Thursday 23 June / 19.00

With shaman and healer Eirik Myrhaug Partapuoli and artists Kristina Gjems, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel and Keith Hennessy, guided by moderator Karmenlara Ely.

Day 4: Conversations with the More-Than-Human
Friday 24 June / 19.00

With philosophers Martin Lee Mueller and Arne Johan Vetlesen and artists Julia Adzuki and Fernanda Branco guided by moderator Karmenlara Ely.

Free entrance to all the topical events.