Katarina Skår Lisa
Čázevulošnieida – the Underwater Girl

25.–26. september 2021

Past showings

11:00, Lille scene

14:00, Lille scene

11:00, Lille scene

14:00, Lille scene

How would life be, under the sea? An art- and dance piece for children about a mystical Sea Sámi sea-creature.

How would life be, under the sea? The Underwater Girl is a story about a young girl, Čázevulošnieida, and her father, Čáhceháldi, a mystical sea ranger. The encounter between a fisherman boy and the Underwater Girl illustrates how perspectives are turned upside down, when two very different words meet.

The play's title, Čázevulošnieida, translates to the Underwater Girl and the story is based upon the Sea Sami story The Mermaid. This story takes place in a parallel world that exists above and below the Varangerfjord in the Northern part of Norway. More specifically, the Sea Sámi area Unjárga / Nesseby in Sápmi / Finnmark, located specifically around the Ceavccageađge / Mortensnes cultural heritage area by Várjjatvuonna / Varangerfjorden.

Yoik, a traditional form of song in Sámi music performed by the Sámi people of Sapmi in Northern Europe, is combined with dance and juggling, textiles, living drawings and architecture in this interdisciplinary performance.

Katarina Skår Lisa is a choreographer, performing artist and educator. Through artistic exploration, she looks at her own heritage as Norwegian, with Sea Sámi roots.

Drawing and yoik workshop with the Sea rangers after the performances

After the performances, we invite all children to a drawing workshop with the Sea rangers. Here we will draw our own sea characters and other creatures we meet in the performance. Perhaps we’ll even learn the mermaid’s yoik?

The workshop lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

Topical program Fall 2021
  • Extra credits Thanks to: Jorunn Jernsletten at Varanger Sámi Museum, Mari Helander at the Sámi Kindergarten in Oslo, Luna Kristiane Belda Wiese, Silje Ødemotland, Ida Høyklev Ribu, Siri Broch Johansen, family, near and dear, and to the landscape of Varanger for inspiration, help and support during this project.
  • Duration 25 minutter