Books: Selected by Carrie

The artist collective Carrie has curated a small selection of books related to their artistic practice. Those books are now available in our bookshop!

Carrie is an interdisciplinary collective – consisting of Marie Ursin, Nikhil Vettukatil, Alexandra Tveit and Runa Borch Skolseg , who are associated artists at Black Box teater from 2020 to 2021. Together, they work in between performing arts, literature, visual arts and choreography, with projects that create space for conversation, exchange and reflection.

Carrie has worked with several interdisciplinary projects from a literary perspective at Black Box teater, thereamong the seminar working title during Fall 2019, as well as monthly reading groups during Fall 2020. The books Carrie has selected for the Black Box teater book shop are connected to these projects, each in their own way:

Revolution: A reader is edited by Lisa Robertson, who guested Black Box teater during the seminar working title. What The Fire Sees: A Divided Reader includes a text by Anne Boyer – a writer the reading group became familiar with during Fall 2020. Fernanda Melchor, the writer of Hurricane Season, will contribute to the publication which Carrie is currently working with (watch out for the launch in Fall 2021!).