Fernanda Melchor, Hurricane Season (2017)

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  • ISBN 978-1-91-309709-7

The Witch is dead!”

“Through a dizzying poetic landscape we are following a story of the murder of the Witch in the fictional city La Matosa. The events following and prior to the murder are colored by obsene acts of violence, sex, terror and rough language where crime-fiction and horror meet. Hurricane Season unpacks and makes the reader aware of an urgent political landscape through a multi voiced hybrid of hearsay, mysticism, journalism and poetic testimony. Fernanda Melchor investigates the deep complicity between fiction, fairy tale and complex sociopolitical matters such as “femicide”, abortion and human perversions.”

Fernanda Melchor won the Anna Seghers Award and a place in the shortlist for the International Booker Prize for Hurricane Season.