Revolution: A Reader (2012)

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  • ISBN 978-2-91-825238-2

“With a conversation between Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler as a guiding force through the book, this vast collection of texts spanning from 1790–2007, is a call for thinking about collective change and to remember that the revolution is already happening.

Reaching from Edward Said writing about Jean Genet, to Genet writing a play on a balcony, to Sulamith Firestone and Kathy Acker, this book is as perfect to find new texts you’ve never read, to text that you want to revisit. Altogether, these layers of different genres of texts make this reader an outstanding tool for thinking with and about literature, coexistence and revolution.”

– Carrie

Revolution: A Reader is edited by Lisa Robertson, who was a guest speaker at working title, a seminar held by Carrie in 2019.

Revolution: A Reader includes texts by Kathy Acker, Etel Adnan, Giorgio Agamben, Arakawa + Gins, Hannah Arendt, Dodie Bellamy, Hakim Bey, David Brazil, Edmund Burke, Thomas Carlyle, Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Mahmoud Darwish, Guy Davenport, Angela Davis, Gilles Deleuze, Stacy Doris, Hal Draper, Frantz Fanon, Shulamith Firestone, M.F.K. Fisher and many more.