Book launch: Jeg skulle si storm - the book about Ways of Seeing

15:00–18:00 Foyer

Extended program Ways of Seeing

The play Ways of Seeing has become a book!

Ways of Seeing was to become the post-war period's most talked about play. How could a theater performance created by a small group of experimental artists trigger the resignation of a minister of justice, rebuke from the prime minister and accusations from top politicians who believed that the artists inspired terror?

The Ways of Seeing case activated a number of different actors in law, international politics, rights struggles and art. Jeg skulle si storm - The book about Ways of Seeing is a comprehensive collection of essays that reflects further on this spectacular historical event.

Booklaunch at Black Box teater with Dilar Dirik, Asbjørn Grønstad, Ali Esbati and Sofia Rana. There will be a reading from the book, lecture and conversation.

One of the central pivots of Ways of Seeing is a unique insight into the feminist revolution in the Kurdish part of Syria; Rojava. The Kurdish women's movement has not only been a central force in the fight against IS in Syria, but also represents a clear hope for peace, equality and democratic development in the Middle East.

It can be seen as a paradox that Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan has got NATO on board in the suppression of the women's movement through the agreements on Sweden and Finland's membership. For the launch, we are therefore very proud to have brought with us one of the leading experts on the Kurdish women's movement: Dilar Dirik, who works as a researcher at Oxford University and has recently published his thesis The Kurdish Women's Movement - History, Theory, Practice. Dirik will participate via link from London. In addition to Dirik, Ali Esbati, Sofia Rana and Asbjørn Grønstad also speak.

15.00 / Socializing and opportunity to buy the book
15.15 / Welcome from Oktober publishing house and Black Box teater
15.25 / Sara Baban, Hanan Benammar and Pia Maria Roll read from the book
15.35 / Asbjørn Grønstad, introduction
15.50 / Dilar Dirik, Lecture on the Kurdish women's movement and NATO's role in the Kurdish areas.
16.30 / Conversation between Asbjørn Grønstad, Dilar Dirik, Ali Esbati and Sofia Rana. It is open to questions and input from the audience.
17.30 / Mingle and opportunity to buy a book after today's programme.

Asbjørn Grønstad is professor of Visual Culture at the University of Bergen and author of the book Ways of seeing in the Neoliberal State.
Ali Esbati is a politician for the Swedish Left Party and former head of Manifest Analysis. Esbati is the author of After the rose trains - 22 July and the dangerous hate.
Sofia Rana is an activist, flight attendant and leader of Rødt's anti-racist committee.

The launch is a collaboration between Forlaget Oktober, the team behind Ways of Seeing and Black Box teater.

August 21, 15.00–18.00, Black Box teater Foyer
Free entrance.
The launch will be held in Norwegian, Swedish and English.