Helle Siljeholm
The Mountain Body – Kolsåsstupene

21. august 2021 ❶ Premiere

Past showings

12:00, Østveggen, Kolsåsstupene (Bærum)

Art, academia, spirituality, outdoor life and environmental protection meet when The Mountain Body forms a perishable giant painting in the cliffs of Kolsås.

The Mountain Body is a performative sculpture happening live on the cliffs of Kolsås. This performance is part of a perennial and choreographic project initiated by stage and visual artist Helle Siljeholm, in collaboration with individuals and institutions in, and outside the visual and performing arts field. Through a series of temporary choreographic sculptures gathered under the title a "mountain range" and taking place in various mountain walls of the world, this project forms a meeting place between art, academia, spirituality, outdoor life and environmental protection.

How can we understand the mountain as body, compound, process and activity – which visibly and invisibly affects and is affected by its surroundings?

The Mountain Body is based on a previous project by Helle Siljeholm, Noder om stein og andre sosiale landskap, where six climbers from Ålesund Climbing Club, performed a choreographic movement in a 200 meter mountain wall outside Ålesund city.

The cliffs of Kolsås are unique; they are situated on complex geological ground, where the mountain's archive shows geographical displacement, volcanic activity, tropical climate and ice ages. Kolsås is today a partially protected nature area. In recent history (late 1800 through 1980s), Kolsås has been a meeting place for philosophers, feminists, educators, politicians, national and international artists. The Mountain Body underlines the importance of nature in the building of society and pays tribute to the specificities of Kolsås’ cliffs, inviting for a respectful relationship with nature.

Helle Siljeholm last visited Black Box teater with the 72-hour long relational project Nodes on fish, stars and the social in 2017. She works collectively, often together with other disciplines and combines choreography, visual and performing arts.

Practical info

Weather conditions: If rain is reported on 21 August, the performance will be moved to either Friday 20 or Sunday 22 August. The decision will be made on Thursday 19 August and will be confirmed on blackbox.no and social media.

Weather conditions: The weather forecast announces good conditions for the trip to Kolsåsstupene on Saturday August 21st and we confirm that the premiere goes as planned this day (updated Thursday 19.08).

Bring binoculars if you have any. Also bring seat pads, comfy shoes, clothes for hiking, packed lunch and thermos.

Public transport: Line 3 towards Kolsås to Gjettum metro station
By car: Parking at Gjettum metro station
+ 25 min walk to the viewing site

Black Box teater frontline team will be at Gjettum metro station (exit Gjettumveien) from 11h to give indications and there will be signs to guide you to the viewing site.

Find the map here

Toilets are not available.

Topical program Fall 2021
  • Duration 90 minutter