Susie Wang
Mummy Brown

13.–23. november 2021

Past showings

19:00, Rom for dans

19:00, Rom for dans

19:00, Rom for dans

22:00, Rom for dans

19:00, Rom for dans

A museum visit from hell, staged by critically acclaimed theater makers Susie Wang.

Over the past four years, theater company Susie Wang has presented three critically acclaimed performances that altogether make up a horror trilogy about the human nature: The Hum (2017), Mummy Brown (2018) and Burnt Toast (2020). This fall, we are presenting the entire trilogy at Black Box teater.

Theatre horror at its best – Mummy Brown by the Norwegian group Susie Wang shocked at the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel.

Mummy Brown is the second part of Susie Wang's trilogy.

It is obviously great to be human, but it’s not like we aren’t part of nature simply because we are conscious beings. Culture is mistaken when it tries to escape from nature. And the faster we run, the harder the crash when we meet. What we left behind as the Garden of Eden now comes at us like a living hell. Perhaps it’s best to play dead. Susie Wang plays dead and alive, as naturally as we can.

Margit is in the museum looking back at things, as the past attacks.

- Help, says Margit.
- I told you, says the museum attendant.

Susie Wang was founded in 2017 by Trine Falch, Martin Langlie, Mona Solhaug and Bo Krister Wallström. After years in a performance-oriented theater field, they have taken a dramatic turn and now make theatre based in fiction.

Recommended age limit: 16 years.

Susie Wang: Trilogy
  • Extra credits Olav Myrtvedt, Jean Vincent Kerebel / Black Box teater, Goksøyr & Martens, Verdensteatret, Rom for Dans.
  • Duration 80 minutter