I’M COMPANY and Ivana Müller

4.–5. september 2020

Past showings

14:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Hors-Champ is a participatory performative installation that reflects upon our relation to nature and to other humans, addressing concepts such as survival, roots, interdependence, resistance, leisure, wilderness and culture.

Hors-Champ was created before the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and originally conceived to be performed in a colony of little 2-person tents. Among other things, the piece reflects upon the relation between intimacy and open space, private and public. In our post-pandemic lives this relation resonates even stronger, as being intimate with others in a public space was, for a long time, impossible, difficult and sometimes even illegal. For its first Norwegian showings, Hors-Champ will thus have a slightly new form, rooting itself deeper in the experiences of the world we live in.

The participants, fully secured, take part in scripted conversations with one single other person at the time. Each participant has her or his own itinerary along the 10 conversations, of which the duration will depend on themselves, on their speed of reading and their willingness to stay in the frame of the script – or to go beyond.

Ivana Müller is a choreographer, artist and author of texts. Through her work she rethinks the politics of spectacle and spectacular, always inspired by the relationship between author/performer and spectator while dealing with engaged and current topics.

Fall Program 2020