Festival day one: Conversation with Place

21. juni 2022

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17:30, Black Box teater

The stories of others and non-human others reach out to us through place and time. On Summer Solstice the festival opens with the performance Lønnetreet - the Maple tree - by LATERNA and sound artist Margrethe Pettersen, an artistic response to years of meetings with the same maple. LATERNA also wishes welcome and presents the festival program accompanied by drinks and plant food - weaving into a Conversation with Place with philosopher and storyteller Martin Lee Mueller, artists Annike Flo and Ayesha Jordan, guided by moderator and artist Ingrid Vranken. On the big stage Ivana Müller will share Forces of Nature and ending the evening, Julia Adzuki/The Ministry for Environmental Grief will share her poetic, tactile and deeply resonating piece Ashes to Ashes.


Program Tuesday 21 June: Conversation with Place

17.30–18.15 / Foyer
Performance: Tree Talks – Lønnetreet LATERNA and Margrethe Pettersen.

A practice of cyclical meetings with this very Maple tree situated in Stensparken in Oslo, through all seasons for more than four years, lays the ground for this performative response. Meditations, in the form of meditative journeys and conversations, are methods LATERNA and Margrethe Pettersen have used in their joint practice of meeting with the Maple to get in touch with its underground network, ancient knowledge, movements and the world of sound.

Meeting the Maple tree like this, the tree became a portal to our own inner imagery and a sensation of parallel worlds weaving together occurred. Colors, sensations, even songs, and images emerged like flowing waterfalls of particles and luminous neural networks. The exchange of breath and fluids, and how the tree not only through its large canopy gives us oxygen, but how the huge underground, mycelial networks of hyphae, bring nourishment, water, energy, and information - between species - through the soil, became perceivable. An existential dance that we would not have existed without. Through deep roots, the tree has access to an underground world, still unknown to us, yet somehow familiar. With Lønnetreet we invite the audience to join us in a sensorial time travel through sound, traces, and material from our own journey of befriending this old being.

18.30–19.00 / Foyer
WELCOME by LATERNA: Presentation of the Festival Program, drinks and plant food.

19.00–20.30 / Foyer
Conversation with Place: With philosopher Martin Lee Mueller and artists Annike Flo and Ayesha Jordan. Guided by moderator Ingrid Vranken.

21.00–22.15 / Main Stage
Performance: Ivana Müller Forces of Nature
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Forces of Nature
follows a movement of an articulate and complex organism composed of five persons with different energies and ideas. Their desires might not be the same, but they have a common goal: to construct a shared physical and imaginary space.

In Forces of Nature, Ivana Müller looks into the idea of group movements in their physical, social and environmental contexts. Through the performers´ ongoing negotiations and actions, the piece becomes a heartwarming and playful journey across a landscape in permanent transformation that questions the meaning and potential of what we have in common. Forces of Nature explores the notion of interdependence, the sustainability of resources, the importance of ‘taking care’, the idea of effort, the relevance of individual and collective choices, and the need to act.

Ivana Müller is a choreographer, artist and author of texts, who grew up in Zagreb and Amsterdam; and currently lives and works in Paris. Through her choreographic and theater work, she re-visits the place of imagination. She questions the notion of ‘participation’ and keeps on getting inspired by the relationship between performer and spectator. Ivana Müller´s piece Hors-Champ was presented at Black Box teater in Fall 2020.

22.30–23.30 / Foyer
Performance: Julia Adzuki / The Ministry for Environmental Grief, Ashes to Ashes
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From Eucalyptus regnans of the Styx forest in Tasmania, to Fraxinus excelsior in Europe, Ashes to Ashes weaves spoken word poetry and tactile sound in an intra-active performance. Audience are invited to experience resonance in the body of a tree instrument and to register environmental grievances with the Ministry. The Ministry of Environmental Grief is an artistic body dedicated to documenting and giving voice to experiences of environmental grief. Bringing trees, forests and more-than-human beings into our sphere of resonance where their loss becomes grievable, to address the questions; how do we practice the rites and rights of nature? How can our grief transform us in relation with earth? Can we sense the sentience to trees and forest through touch?

Julia Adzuki works with transformative processes across the fields of visual, performance, poetry and sound art. An embodied enquiry exploring underlying frictions of the human-environmental crisis through the relation of inner and outer landscapes.

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Ticket information and free entrance

The festival offers free entrance to several events. The following shows are ticketed:

Ivana Müller: Forces of Nature
Julia Adzuki: Ashes to Ashes / The Ministry of Environmental Grief
Robert Steijn: When the moon kisses the sun - A Snake Dance
Keith Hennessy: Back (all I wanna do is dance and fuck and swim with you)

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Full price: NOK 250 / Moderation price: NOK 150 / Under 25 years old: NOK 100

*The performance Les Ténèbres - In the Dark Hour is a one-on-one performance with a limited number of places available. To book your ticket please send an sms including your name and preferred date to mobile no: +47 971 95 857.