Three questions for People Like Us

Congratulations on the upcoming premiere of Gone, Gone Beyond! In an interview with the Wire you talked about the challenges working with a 360 degree space compared to the usual 2D format. Your solution was to think of the principles of fairground rides. How is that?

When we first knew we would be making a piece for RML CineChamber back in 2017, we went to visit the structure in San Francisco, and watched a whole bunch of work that had previously been commissioned by Naut Humon (founder of CineChamber). We took notes on what we thought worked and didn't work both aesthetically, but also biologically. It's an immersive and intense audiovisual experience, or at least it can be. I wanted to be sure that I was not subjecting anyone physically to anything that would be felt as bad. I have never actually been a huge fan of the extreme physicality of some fairground rides, but I love the concept and aesthetics of a magical world of colour and sound, and also collage - when you move through it. From the Crazy House to the spinning wheel, to the sideshows, the helter skelter, the hall of mirrors, it also appeals to me from the world of film.Working with collages on ten screens obviously requires a great amount of visual material. How did that effect the way you worked with the soundtrack?My musical compositions have always been giant collages, it is just the visual aspect that needed to catch up. A sound collage is spatialised in a different way to something that you see with your eyes. The real challenge with the audio was spatialising from stereo to sound - which meant having the song elements sing all the way around you, and also to put the sounds from the source movies where they were on the screen.Your film is comprised of so many images and pathways, that the audience themselves must choose what threads and storylines to follow. Any advice on how to navigate in the CineChamber web?Relax. First you'll start naming everything and then you'll give up. It's a meditation. Also follow other people's eyes, but you'll do that anyway.KinoKammer vises fra onsdag 13. oktober til lørdag 16. oktober.