Orfee Schuijt
Thing Power

1. september 2020

Past showings

17:00, Foyer

This performance is part of “Beyond the Human”, a series of work and talks investigating the relation between human and non-human life forms, ecology and sustainability.

“Objects on the loose are always in search of the rest of the plot” – Charles Jencks.

“And Mr. Biswas buys things, he acquired things, his wife Shama owns things of her own. Hemmed in by her dissent and discord, given to complaint, Mr Biswas marvels at the “endurance and uncomplainingness of inanimated objects”; and these many objects, which he houses, house him too.” – Teju Cole

If everything could connect to anything, the unfolding of meaning would be unlimited, and would go on forever and ever. Things take center stage, occupying bodies and spaces. All that stuff dances in never-ending categories, in mini-operas with the tempo of tiny things.

This will be an early testing of material with feedback from the audience.
The viewing is free to watch, but you need to sign up in advance.