Nicola Gunn
The Interpreters, Part 1: She always wanted to be a French actress

3.–4. november 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

The Interpreters is a new project in three parts by Nicola Gunn. The works deal with the interpretation that takes place in a translation, it looks at language as sound and words as images. In the project, she collaborates with a sound artist, a new media artist and two translators – one working with French, the other with Japanese.

The Interpreters starts with Part 1: She always wanted to be a French actress. Here Nicola Gunn meets the translator Séverine Magios to discuss her French translation of a story Gunn has written. The conversation opens up for digressions on beauty, guilt, bad behavior and invisibility. It makes apparent the relationship we have to our own language and how much translators leave of themselves in the text through their choice of words.

Nicola Gunn is a writer, performer and director. She mixes text, choreography and visual art to play with form and challenge narratives. In these formats, she explores a wide range of themes – from power, peace and conflict to celebrity myth-making, gentrification and shame. In her works, she complicates the relationship between herself, the performance and the spectator. She has previously visited Black Box teater with Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster.