Books: Curated by Nicola Gunn

Each season we invite one artist or a collective to curate a small selection of books for our bookshop. For the fall 2022 artist Nicola Gunn has chosen three books that relate to her performance The Interpreters which is taking place at Black Box teater (3-4 November):

I have chosen three works of fiction by three authors I admire. Intimacies by Katie Kitamura, The Years by Annie Ernaux and The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy. Each book has contributed something to the imagination of my project, whether it’s to do with literary style, subject matter, or simply the feeling they evoke. In the first book, the protagonist is a professional interpreter; the second book is the English translation of a highly specific experience of living in France; and the last book is the second book in a trilogy the author has called her ‘living memoir’ series, which is much the way I see all of my works: each work I make represents a kind of time marker for whatever I am going through at the time. – Nicola Gunn

The Interpreters is a project in three parts that deals with the interpretation that takes place in a translation and looks at language as sound and words as images. The Interpreters starts with Part 1: She always wanted to be a French actress that takes place at Black Box teater 3-4 November, 2022.