Karen Nikgol

25.–28. august 2016

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Satyricon is visual artist/ curator/ performing artist Karen Nikgol’s second production at Black Box teater.

Experiments with painting, performance and film form the basis of his artistic practice.

Nikgol shares some thoughts on this practice and his relationship to Satyricon:

“Painting, performing art and curating exhibitions are processes that deal with space and its transformation. Performing art allows me to compose multiple expressions within a larger whole. The massive structure and narrative in Satyricon demands such an approach.

I grew up with Fellini’s film Satyricon. Its colourful, painterly and erotic character has appealed to me for a long time. When I got the chance to create a new production at Black Box teater, instead of my own material, I chose to transform material that I feel close to but was created by someone else. Satyricon has been an antagonist in my life that I am now exorcising once and for all.

Our Satyricon is ruled by neo-gangs, sex slaves, transsexuals and neon lights. An erotic blend of Hinduism, dance, fashion, new age, trash culture and empathy for the downtrodden. The characters find themselves in a future narrative where the dictatorship the ‘Empire’ feeds on sex slavery and eliminates all opposition in order to create a slave society that serves their purpose.

I work with authors, dramaturges, architects, VJs, graphic designers, musicians, actors, amateur actors, dancers. This enhances the multitude of expressions, side by side as tableux, which agains reflects the narrative of Satyricon; a colourful society without boundaries where anything goes.”

Read Gry Ulfengs text Satyricon here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

* Premiere

Open Box: Afterwords with Karen Nikgol 27 august after the performance

  • Extra credits Løst basert på Petronius Arbiters satire Satyricon
  • Duration 180 minutter