Kristian Grennes
Pluss Pluss: Cyberpunkt curated by Kristian Grennes (& Høstpunkt)

17. november 2020 ▲ Avlyst

Past showings

19:00, Foyer

Welcome, citizens. Enter the black box in a future present. The cameras and screens will be watching. Hear the sound of the inbetween calling from another room. Worship algorithms and find your love. Space-operas and an eternal stream of information will flow from the telescreen. Recharge your cells in the Cybar. We’ll meet in a poisoned reality inside the construct, together with our infiltrating machines. Through rituals, technology and longing we will find a way back to the forest where our soul reigns. In other words: join us for an evening of art, performance, concerts, films, each other and fun in general. Remember to download antivirus patches for your implants.

Høstpunkt is an eight year old festival in Skien. This journey led us here to the Black Box teater and Pluss Pluss. We will present both old “høstpunks” and new acquaintances and are looking forward to when the doors open to the public this fall.

Welcome, all citizens. Welcome.

Pluss Pluss, established in 2011, means nothing less than Black Box teater pluss pluss: an extension of the field of performing arts that the house already contains.

Pluss Pluss is a multidisciplinary platform, inviting both emerging and established artists, and a meeting point where audience and artists can be inspired by each other.

As of Fall 2017, the concept of Pluss Pluss has been evolving. Concentrated on one evening every season, Pluss Pluss is curated by a guest artist – a different one every season – who has carte blanche to shake the format and the contents, while respecting three simple rules: have an open call for projects and proposals so that everyone is invited to contribute / compose a program crossing visual arts and performing arts / invite emerging artists.

Previous curators for Pluss Pluss includes Ingvild Langgård, Karen Nikgol, Hanan Benammar and Helle Siljeholm.

About the curator: Kristian Grennes is a freelance artist and producer from Porsgrunn with a background from the actor education at NISS. He is the director of the art festival Høstpunkt i Skien, which started in 2013 and follows the white rabbit.

Grennes is concerned with humility, naivety, pride, silence, imagination, life before death and free art. He has worked with a number of Norwegian companies and festivals. In 2020, he has also established the Vårpunkt (Spring Point) mini-festival in Langesund, which is postponed until 2021. This fall, he wants to bring the red thread from Høstpunkt to Pluss Pluss.

Fall Program 2020