Panel debate: «Art under pressure» (video)

During Heddadagene in June 2019, we invited to a panel debate about Art under pressure, taking place at Det Norske Teatret, funded by Fritt Ord.

Art under political and religious pressure – methods, propagation modes, fireguards in an international perspective

The panel debate "Art under pressure" invited both Norwegian and international voices in an attempt to expand the perspectives in the aftermath of the performance Ways of Seeing.

The debate aimed at bringing an international perspective, to open a reflection upon crucial issues that have emerged during this case and that can resonate with other countries and situations, while keeping a nuanced approach and taking into consideration different scopes and scales of censorship. The debate examined contexts and mechanisms where art is under political and/or religious pressure, leading to cases of censorship. The discussion centered around the strategies of the populists and far-rights when attacking art and their impacts, modes of actions and re-actions in the art field.

How is right wing ideology spreading? How can we protect freedom of speech: who are the safeguards? What is the role of media – a facilitator versus a counter-power?


  • Mohamed Abdi


  • Kai Strittmatter – Scandinavia Correspondent, Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)
  • Ricarda Ciontos – Artistic Director, Nordwind Festival-Berlin/Hamburg (DE)
  • Michal Merczynski, Director, Malta Festival-Poznan (PL)
  • Hege Ulstein – author and op-ed columnist in Dagsavisen (NO)

Produced by Black Box teater and Det Norske Teatret. The event was funded by Fritt Ord.