Morgon med lysande hestar

17.–19. november 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

By Tarjei Vesaas, dramatized for Ymist by Sara Li Stensrud

Morgon med lysande hestar
(Morning with shining horses) is a performance, a scenic creature that is sensual, wondering and disturbing. Two men are torn between desiring to get close and pushing each other away, between consumption and loneliness.

Huy Le Vo and Morten Espeland together with director and choreographer Erlend Samnøen create a work that begins with a total fusion of the two bodies on stage. Two distorted, rotten creatures slowly emerging from the darkness – it is impossible to distinguish where one body ends and the other begins. In both of them lies the shattering desire to destroy one another and become one at the same time; letting go of one's own body, and make the other body one’s own.

Morgon med lysande hestar is taken from the last book in Tarjei Vesaas' authorship. We encounter two young men who meet early one morning and slowly start to face something new – something that will change them forever. Author Sara Li Stensrud has created a composition of various pieces of text and fragments from Vesaas’ book, which all revolve around being in touch with something.

Ymist was established in 2014 by Morten Espeland and Erlend Samnøen. They have previously made the projections EDDA/Voluspå, Draumkvedet and Melancholia II.

NB! The performance contains flashing strobe lights

+ 18 November / Foyer / Conversation with Morten Espeland, Erlend Samnøen and Huy Le Vo
Meet Morten Espeland, Erlend Samnøen and Huy Le Vo in a conversation with Elin Grinaker right after the performance Morgon med lysande hestar.
The conversation will be held in Norwegian.

  • Duration 60 minutter