Gisèle Vienne

26.–27. oktober 2021 ▲ Avlyst

Past showings

19:30, Nationaltheatret

19:30, Nationaltheatret

The performance L'Étang by Gisèle Vienne has unfortunately been canceled.

The presentation of L'Étang is a collaboration between Nationaltheatret and Black Box teater and the cancellation comes as a result of the ongoing strike that affect many theaters across the country. The performances were scheduled for Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 October at Nationaltheatret.

Your ticket purchase through Nationaltheatret will automatically be refunded to the card you used when purchasing. You can expect the money to be in the account within 10 working days.

Trippy exploration of family taboos

L'Étang (The Pond) is an adaptation of a short story by the Swiss writer Robert Walser. The story reveals an intricate tale of a young boy and his desperate love for his mother. The text  was originally a private text that the young writer himself had given to his sister, fairly intimate, and was thus never intended for the stage. It is the story of a boy who feels unloved by his mother and, at the lowest point of his despair, pretends to commit suicide by drowning in order to test her love.

What are the real issues here? What is being played out between the lines and on stage?

These questions have long been at the heart of Gisèle Vienne's work. While examining the conventions of the theater and the family, L'Étang notably raises the question of the shared representation of reality, the social norm, and what we see, while shaking up its essential aspects.

L'Étang is performed by Ruth Vega Fernandez, a Spanish-Swedish actress who has worked with TG Stan, Tiago Rodrigues and the Swedish National Theatre, and by French Adèle Haenel, who is known for her participation in movies like 120 BPM (Beats per Minute) from 2017 and Portrait of a Lady on Fire from 2019.

Gisèle Vienne is a French-Austrian choreographer, puppeteer, actor and director. Her work has been presented in Norway on several occasions, I Apologize at Black Box teater in 2011, This is How You Will Disappear at Nationaltheatret, 2011, later on with Crowd, at Dansens Hus in collaboration with Black Box teater, 2017 and Jerk at Black Box teater (2010 and 2019). With her disturbing and visual worlds combining the beautiful and bizarre, she has developed a distinctive and unique theatrical language.

Based on the original story Der Teich (The Pond) by Robert Walser.

Aftertalk 27. oktober, Nationaltheatret
After the performance of L'Étang it will be a aftertalk with Gisèle Vienne, Adèle Haenel and Ruth Vega Fernandez

It may sound too bleak for audiences after a tough year, yet as I emerged from the Vidy theater, my mind was as stimulated as it’s been in months. For 90 minutes, artists claimed my full attention, and repaid it in spades. I’m ready for more.

Tickets for Giséle Vienne and the performance L'Étang 26-27. October 2021 are purchased via the National Theater where their ticket prices and discounts apply. Tickets can be found here

The performances in Oslo are presented with the support of Institut Français de Norvège.

In collaboration with Nationaltheatret (the National Theatre in Oslo) .

  • Duration 85 minutter