Laura Cemin og Bianca Hisse, Taming a wild tongue (2022)

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Taming a wild tongue refers to Gloria Anzaldúa’s notion of "the wild tongue". The verbs taming and carrying imply certain dynamics of permission and restriction of movement, and suggest the entanglement between language and the body.

Through various text formats, Laura Cemin, Bianca Hisse and other contributors depart from the questions "How to tame a wild tongue?" and "How to carry a language?"

Taming a wild tongue (2022) was initiated by artists Laura Cemin and Bianca Hisse, and edited by curator Monika Charkowska. The book includes contributions by Claire Goodall and Kübra Gümüsay, and was released in connection to an exhibition with the same title in EKA Gallery, Tallinn (EE).

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