Klassikere for Kids (NO)
Klassikere for Kids Bonanza

21.–24. september 2017

Past showings

18:00, Store scene

18:00, Lille scene

18:00, Lille scene

16:00, Lille scene

14:00, Lille scene

16:00, Store scene

Classics for Kids is a trilogy for kids aged 10 and up,

aiming to make selected classics accessible and current, and to inspire discussions. The group explore and challenge conventional theater for children, working under the mantra that all good themes are just as suitable for children as they are for adults. Both Faust for Kids and To the Lighthouse were nominated for the prestigious Hedda award for best children and youth performance. All the performances have received rave reviews from the press as well as from the audience. Classics for Kids is a series of productions that invite kids and youth into the experimental space of the theatre. Together with a strong team of artists, director Hildur Kristinsdottir has been exploring how the forms and methods of contemporary performing art can create unexpected and challenging interpretations of literary classics. Reflecting on kids and youth as audience has been central to the development of these works. Not in order to simplify, moralize or please the audience, but to question the theatrical conventions and attitudes that adult artists, curators and presenters might impose with respect to kids and youth. The result is daring performances with sensory and intellectual impact. Classics for Kids is aimed at young audiences but can easily be shared by both kids and adults.

Special events highlighting the Classics for Kids productions are a prominent part of the fall season. There will be popcorn, cotton candy and slush, theatre workshops, debate, and not least, fantastic performances for kids and adults.

Faust for Kids
Thursday 21.09 and Friday 22.09 kl 18.00pm.

“Happy, ambitious children’s theater.” NRK

Faust for Kids is the first performance in the trilogy Classics for Kids, based on Goethe’s text. Faust realizes that behind every thing he learns there is something new. He then realizes that he will never know the full truth about all things. Then the devil offers Faust full access to the world in exchange for his soul. Faust joins a boundless journey in time and space.
Suitable for children from 10 Years

To the Lighthouse
Saturday 23.09 16.00pm and Sunday 24.09 14.00pm. 

“Classics for Kids should inspire everyone who creates theater for children in Norway.” NRK

To the Lighthouse is based on Virginia Woolf’s novel from 1927 with the same title. It is a show about what we can see and about all that happens inside our heads. Do you see the same as me? Do boys and girls see different ways? And what’s the difference in a moment and ten years? To figure it out, look into the mind of someone else. It’s possible at the theater!
Suitable for children from 10 Years

Crime and Punishment
Saturday 23.09 18.00pm and Sunday 24.09 16.00pm.

“This theater trilogy is something quite special within the theater for children and youth.” NRK

In Crime and Punishment, based on Dostoevsky’s novel from 1866, spectators are drawn into Raskolnikov’s dark mindset. It is a notion of how wrong things can go when a person isolates themselves with only their own thoughts. But even though Raskolnikov pushes everyone away, someone still gets back and peck him on his shoulder.

Suitable for youth from 13 years.