Iggy Malmborg
Iris, pupil, retina, etc.

25.–26. februar 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

We do not see what our eyes see! The focus of the human eye is a small dot, the rest of what is in the field of view is out of focus. To see a whole picture, we must quickly connect dot after dot.

This is the basic premise in Iris, pupil, retina, etc. The performance focuses on the eye as an organ, how we perceive the world around us through our senses, and how we can handle the sometimes chaotic amount of information that emerges every time we open our eyes. We can only look at the world from one point of view; our own - but we can be viewed from anywhere else. The idea in this performance is that this may be one of life's tragedies.

In Iris, pupil, retina, etc., thinking and seeing merge together. There are no subtitles here. What you see is all that is. You are invited to think with your eyes.

Iggy Malmborg is working with the audience's rituals and social patterns. His performances are often based on text, but this time the words have largely disappeared to make room for the sense of sight.

Iggy Malmborg is a performance artist and actor with a number of works behind him. He has previously visited Black Box teater with Boner, Physics and Phantasma and Things in My Mouth.

NB! The performance contains flashing strobe lights

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