Lisa Lie/​PONR
I Cloni

14. mars 2017

Past showings

21:00, Store scene

“I Cloni is like a surprise gift that continues to amaze long after it has been unwrapped”. Dagbladet

“The strength of this performance is to me its ability to create images and the playful and naive way it handles theatrical conventions”. Klassekampen

In I Cloni Lisa Lie asks if there exists a death after life. We are at the inn, a place between life and death where strangers meet and share everything simply because they are strangers and there are no consequences. I Cloni takes us on a journey past the edge of the real world where everything dissolves but everyone continues to talk. I Cloni continues deeper into the heart of the absurd landscape of Blue Motel. The doors are now open, transparent to all the evil in the world.

  • Extra credits PONR / Lisa Lie, Maja Nilsen, Ivar Furre Aam, Kenneth Homstad, Helga Kristine Edvindsen, Kerstin Weimers, Elin Amundsen Grinaker, Christoffer Karlsson, Aurora Kvamsdal, Sissel Lie
  • Duration 150 minutter