Youth from Jordal Fritidsklubb and Bydel Gamle Oslo with Christine Yangco Helland
Hear me!

28.–29. mai 2022 ❶ Premiere

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

14:00, Store scene

How do you tell your own story? What are your interests, what are you passionate about, and what stories or opinions do you find easy or difficult to share?

Hear me! is a project for young people by young people, developed by Christine Yangco Helland in collaboration with Black Box teater and Jordal leisure club. Ten young people from 13 to 16 years are actors and co-creators in the performance. They tell from different viewpoints about everything from how the world we live in is working, to how we can have good relationships with each other. They know it's important that young people are heard, and they want to share.

Hear me! is developed in a collective creative process where the starting point for what is shown and told on stage is the ten young people's own stories. The expression and content of the performance are shaped by the personalities involved in the project. Who are they? What do they say, and how do they say it? Do you recognize yourself in what they tell?

Christine Yangco Helland is a theater educator, director and dramaturge. In addition to directing professional productions, Yangco Helland's previous work has involved children and young people of several ages, non-professional performers and marginalized groups.