Marie og Fredriks Teaterlag (NO)
Fru Inger til Østeraat

24. august–8. september 2018

Past showings

22:30, Otta kulturhus

22:30, Otta kulturhus

22:30, Otta kulturhus

22:30, Otta kulturhus

22:30, Otta kulturhus

22:30, Otta kulturhus

Dear audience,
We are pleased to invite you to Fru Inger til Østeraat, a horror play with no social relevance, at Otta kulturhus this fall. The performance is based on Henrik Ibsen’s play by the same name, based on the historical figure by the same name, other historical figures and free imagination.

The show explores an aesthetic variation of the High Medieval Age in Norway, mixed with references from other historical periodes such as the Marius sweater and fiddle music.

Fru Inger til Østeraat contains traces of actors, witches, castles, Swedes, knights, damsels in distress, pointy hats, SIA, dancers, scenography, wigs, music, dialects, musicals, shingles, the Feast at Solhaug, stage manager, local performers, German theatre, Impressionism, Cubism, Ibsen, ghosts and more.

You have several options, travel to Otta from Black Box teater by bus, find your own way to Otta or simply live in Otta yourself.

Welcome to the show in late summer!
Sincerely Marie and Fredrik

Otta Kulturhus is situated in scenic surroundings by Rondane approx. four hours by bus, car or train from Oslo.

The show starts at 22:30. Duration approx. 8 h and 30 min. Tickets available at

How to get to Otta?
There will be a bus from Black Box teater in Oslo for the performances on 31 August, 1 September 7 and 8 September.
The bus departs from Black Box teater at 6 pm sharp, show up 15 min before departure.
Return from Otta Kulturhus to Oslo 30 minutes after the performance is finished.
The bus also stops at Hamar and Lillehammer both ways:

Oslo: 18:00
Black Box teater
Hamar: ca kl 20:00
Circle K in Nydalen north of Hamar
Lillehammer: ca 20:45
By Strandtorget
Note: We have a limited number of bus tickets, buy your´s early.
NSB has several departures to Otta if you wish to travel by train. See
If you are coming to Otta by car, there is parking at the Otta Culture House.

Food and drinks for purchase during the performance.
The ticket also includes a light breakfast after the performance.

  • Extra credits Marie Othilie Hundevadt, David Stephen Grant, Ann-Marie Fritiofsson, Barbro Bekken, Jostein Kjorstad, Karianne Kaspara Haag, Selma Lindgren, Ellinor Egeberg, Frøydis Aarhus, Svend Erichsen, Daniel Frikstad, Andrea Rudland Haave, Kjersti Aas Stenby, Maria Zakrisson Mortensson, Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas, Sigrid Lerche, Solveig Styve Holte, Rannei Grenne, Paloma Leyton, Lone Eivindsdottir, Anna Øihusom, Christoffer Biong, Den fremmede i natten, lokale gjester / Stranger in the night and local guests, Adis Yakupovic, Alf Ollet, Melanie Fieldseth
  • Duration 510 minutter