Klassikere for Kids (NO)
Faust for kids

13.–14. februar 2016

Past showings

15:00, Store scene

15:00, Store scene

In Faust for Kids, the actors Maria, Tora and Anders take us on a journey through Goethe´s Faust.

Goethe is one of Europe´s most famous authors thoughout time. And this story is considered to be his masterpiece. The play is suitable for kids 10 years and up, be it your first encounter with the story or if you´re just looking to refresh your Goethe. Faust for Kids was nominated for the Hedda award for best children and youth performance in 2012. The performance received raving reviews from the press as well as from the audience.

Classics for Kids is a trilogy for kids aged 10 and up, aiming to make selected classics accessible and current, and to inspire discussions. The company explore and challenge conventional theater for children, working under the mantra that all good themes are just as suitable for children as they are for adults.

Classics for Kids are director Hildur Kristinsdottir and dramaturg Matilde Holdhus