Doris Uhlich
Every Body Electric

25.–26. januar 2020

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

14:00, Store scene
"Beautiful because it has not been beautified."
"Had the invitation been there, the entire sold-out auditorium would have joined the floor to continue partying to the final track, Depeche Mode’s ‘People Are People’ (1984) until the end of the world"
"Every limit is overcome."

There are specific forms of music that will make us move our bodies. Certain beats will make us nod our head or pump our fists. There have been studies on this matter. A Norwegian professor wrote a doctoral thesis on the danceability in a specific beat known as the “poum tchak” beat. Its onomatopoetic title refers to the drum-set. The bass drum as “poum” and the hi-hat as “tchak”. The thesis shows that our bodies will move down on “poum” and up on “tchak”. Beats do not communicate to our intellect. Neither to our emotions. Beats don’t care who you are, how your body looks like, if you are tiny or robust, if you need a wheelchair or crutches. Danceability ignore disabilities. Electronic music makes every body dance. It makes everybody dance.