Episode #5: Saul Garcia-Lopez

In the fifth episode, which is the last episode presenting texts from Black Box teater Publication 4, we will hear the reading of An ARTivist manifesto for a postdemocratic society – written and read by Saul Garcia-Lopez.

Saul, also known as La Saula, is a performance artist, a radical performance director, a scholar and pedagogue, and the co-artistic director of La Pocha Nostra.

An ARTivist manifesto for a postdemocratic society a commissioned manifest blurring the boundaries of gender, identity, culture, art, activism, and national borders. The text is available online here.

The soundscape you hear is by DJ Ricardiaco.

Released 1 May 2020.

This podcast episode is created by Elin Grinaker, Agnar Ribe, Martin Langlie, Kristoffer Busch, Oda Tømte and Ida Holthe Lid.