Episode #4: Trond Reinholdtsen

In this fourth episode, we are guested by Trond Reinholdtsen, opra director at the Norwegian Opra.

Together with Jennifer Torrence, Reinholdtsen is giving us a solid introduction to what the Norwegian Opra and its followers actually are.

The text they are performing – From opera to opra to Ø to the Followers of Ø – A tracing of the history leading up to The Norwegian Opra’s affirmative Oratory To arms! To arms! – was published in Black Box teater Publicaton 4, and is available online here.

Released 24 April 2020.

This podcast episode is created by Elin Grinaker, Agnar Ribe, Martin Langlie, Kristoffer Busch, Oda Tømte and Ida Holthe Lid.