Episode #3: Duduzile Mathonsi

In this episode, you will hear Duduzile Mathonsi read her text Ubuntu – Healing rooms.

This commissioned text was written for Black Box teater publication 4 and deals with the necessity and possibility of healing rooms for Black women. The text is available online here.

Duduzile Mathonsi is an actress, writer, voice- and performance artist, and she recently graduated as the first Black woman at the Norwegian Theatre Academy with a BA in acting. During Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020, she presented her performance Bitch Where the Fuck is my Manifesto?!.

Released 17 April 2020

​This podcast episode is created by Elin Grinaker, Agnar Ribe, Martin Langlie, Oda Tømte and Ida Holthe Lid.