Episode #18: Nayla Naoufal reads 'Body as fjord: A Sámi decolonial aesthetics'

In this episode writer, cultural worker and researcher Nayla Naoufal is reading her text Body as fjord: A Sámi decolonial aesthetics. The text centers around the work of Norwegian Sámi choreographer Katarina Skår Lisa, who presented the piece Gift of Stone at Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020. Naoufal was in dialogue with Skår Lisa during the two-year creative process of Gift of Stone. Through this reading, she gives us an introduction to the lifeways and struggles of the Samí people as a way of understanding Skår Lisa’s artistic practice.

You may also read the written version of the text in Black Box teater Publication #6.

(This episode was recorded in January 2021. Arctic Summer, the show mentioned in the podcast, had to be cancelled from Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival due to covid restrictions.)

NB: This episode is in English.

Published 18 March 2021.