Showcase Beat Le Mot
Der Rauber Hotzenplotz

11.–12. februar 2023

Past showings

14:00, Store scene

14:00, Store scene

He owns seven knives, he sniffs, drinks and steals his grandmother's singing coffee grinder. Seven knives and a gun are part of his equipment – and now the clever children's book thief is finally back on stage. Ragga Hotzenplotz!

Teeth chatter, there is no control over the gunpowder, and the smell of home-made sausages is filling the room. Meanwhile, the magicians Petrosilius Zwackelmann and Robber Hotzenplotz have captured Kasperl and Seppel in their hiding places. Showcase Beat le Mot invites you to dance with the thief, and with rhythms and fad magic shows, they show us the world of Ragga – the only alternative to the world we know.

Der Rauber Hotzenplotz is an award-winning performance that premiered in 2007. The performance is based on the German children's book classic by the same name, but Showcase Beat le Mot gives it a new twist.

The performance is performed in German and is simultaneously translated to Norwegian.

The performance collective Showcase Beat le Mot was founded in 1997 and has toured Europe for 25 years with their performances. Last time they visited Black Box teater was in 2011 with the performance 1534.