Breakfast talk with Maritea Dæhlin and Zeenat Amiri

09:00–10:30 Foyer Free admission

Extended program Breakfast with Maritea Conversation

Black Box teater has invited Maritea Dæhlin to curate and moderate breakfast conversations with invited guests. 

Maritea Dæhlin lives and works in Norway and Mexico. She is particularly interested in behavioral patterns, emotions, rituals and encounters. Her work ranges from theater, video performance, performance art, audio art and performative text. She is an associate artist at Black Box teater.

In this breakfast conversation – an open conversation between Maritea, her guest and the audience – Maritea meets with Zeenat Amiri Waaler. Waaler is an art historian and art communicator at MUNCH. She focuses on making art and the art space safe for new audiences, as well as making art accessible through an inclusive language.

We serve a simple breakfast, coffee and tea, and also invite the audience into the conversation.


Do you want to join the breakfast conversation with Maritea Dæhlin? Send an email in advance to to reserve your spot. The event is free of charge. The conversation takes place in English if the audience does not speak Norwegian, in Norwegian if everyone speaks Norwegian.