In this bonus episode of the podcast, you will hear about the origin of the species Homo ludens (the playful human being).

During Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2021, Maja Roel invite us all to join a ludensian meditation and restore our playful powers in times of pandemic. Through this episode, you may learn some background history either before or after you meditate with Maja.

In the studio: Maja Roel (rakker and expert on Homo ludens), Kristine Karåla Øren (yogi, rabbagast and ex-ludensianer) and Lasse Passage (soundmaster and hedonist).

NB! This episode is in Norwegian.

Published 14 March 2021.

This episode is made by Maja Roel, Kristine Karåla Øren and Lasse Passage.