Black Box teater at Les SUBS

Every year, Les SUBS, a programming theater in Lyon, invites a foreign venue that resembles them a lot – or just a little. For Fall 2022, Les SUBS have made us a generous invitation to curate a one-week program with Norwegian based artists and artists connected to Black Box teater.
With Les SUBS, Black Box teater shares in common being a house of co-production, residency and creation, with a sense of hospitality and a laid-back and festive spirit.

Several generations of artists are invited for this program. Embodying the vitality of the Norwegian scene, they question perceptions and are interested in memory and traces. Intertwining the visible and the invisible, they explore relationships with others, with spaces and bodies. These artists invite the audience to sensitive, sensorial and intimate experiences.

12.–15 oktober Mette Edvardsen Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine

11.–12 oktober Maritea Dæhlin Originally a plant

14.-15 oktober Heine Avdal / Yukiko Shinozaki, fieldworks gone here (yet) to come

15. oktober Lost Girls 

Photo from Maritea Dæhlin: Originally a plant