Jenny Hval
The Practice of Love

20.–22. september 2019

Past showings

21:00, Store scene

21:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

The practice of love = the practice of magic.

The Practice of Love is a multidisciplinary immersion in music, literature and movement by Norwegian musician, composer and writer Jenny Hval. It explores sound, visuals and choreography to transforming voices and even bodies into texts, in a process that Hval herself describes as “a form of magic.” With a multinational ensemble that includes experimental musicians, vocalists, dancers and video artists, this new project extends Hval’s work into new and even more challenging territory.

The Practice of Love investigates the connection between life and art – an inextricable connection, which brings together the possibility of creating art and life, with the search for a shared language through speaking, singing and writing together. It also looks at the relationship between the voice as presence/life and the written word as absence/death: The voice comes from a living body, it is how we first relate to other humans, hearing our mother’s voice and responding to it. But a dead body can no longer say ‘I’, and the written words are all that remain, chiseled into our tombstones. Is being drawn to words an urge towards death?

Using sound, text and image manipulation, The Practice of Love is both a magical seance and an inquiry into the nature of creativity.

+ Aftertalk 21. september
Aftertalk with Jenny Hval and composer, musician and artist Lasse Marhaug. Hval and Marhaug have collaborated several times, including Hval´s record Blood Bitch (2016), on which Marhaug was co-producer. The conversation will be in English and will be streamed at our Facebook page.

  • Duration 60 minutter