Verk Produksjoner

1.–2. oktober 2019

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

Winner of the Norwegian Hedda Prize 2013: “Best show of the year”.

As part of their 20th anniversary, we present one of Verk Produksjoner’s most iconic performances, Stalker. The performance won the Hedda Award for Best Production in 2013. It is considered a cult classic, and has been performed at home and abroad since its premiere at Black Box teater. Verk Produksjoner’s work has undergone several different phases over the years. Stalker can be said to be a turning point in the company’s history, where the gaze is increasingly turned to a space that one longs for and seeks out.

In this performance, Verk Produksjoner reconstructs parts of Tarkovsky’s film Stalker. They contemplate the Zone, an area where the normal laws of physics no longer apply. Everyone has their own motive to enter the Zone, and it is said that if one reaches the center of the Zone, one’s innermost desires will be fulfilled. But when one finally reaches the threshold of this room, doubts arise – do they really want to enter. For who knows one’s innermost desires?

  • Verk Produksjoner 20 years – anniversary package:
    Double ticket to Stalker and The Big Dream.
    Anniversary Package 1
    Stalker October 1st and optional date for The Big Dream. Buy it here
    Anniversary Package 2
    Stalker October 2nd and optional date for The Big DreamBuy it here
    The double ticket is only 400NOK and 200NOK moderation price

  • Anniversary Book Bath with Verk Produksjoner 12.oktober kl. 14.00–17.00. Foaje
    As part of their 20th anniversary, Verk Produksjoner will publish the latest in a series of books which deal with their artistic practice. During three conversations with people Verk Produksjoner has collaborated with over the years, they will talk about various entry points in the performances and the practice. There will also be readings and bubbles.