Samira Elagoz
Seek Bromance

7.–8. desember 2022

Past showings

19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

“I set out to edit a work that I needed to see while struggling with my gender. A trans work where it's not about educating cis people, or justifying our existence or being shiny positive examples, but a real story, where the trans protagonist are complex and troubled, progressive and admirable problematic and relatable. Where they are rebels, lovers and creators.”

Seek Bromance is a trans-romance by the end of the world, somewhere between insta-reality and a sci-fi dystopia. This film/performance takes on a relationship between two transmasculine who met at the beginning of the pandemic. They both have a history of performing extremely feminine characters, but with very different attitudes to what masculinity can be. In the film, Samira Elagoz and the artist Cade Mogas document their relationship, from the moment they met and through the journey they share/experience together. They also document Elagoz’ long goodbye to his feminine identity.

With nothing but a car, some cash and a supply of testosterone, they roam around in a pandemic-closed Los Angeles and Las Vegas, while revealing the dynamics between the masculine and the feminine.

Samira Elagoz is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin/Amsterdam. He has previously visited Black Box teater with the performance Cock, Cock, Who's there? Elagoz won the Silver Lion at the Venezia biennale in 2022 for Seek Bromance.

The film/performance includes an intermission.