Episode #17: Michelle Tisdel and Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor: "Aligned and Maligned: A History I Didn’t Live but Has Parallels to One That I Did"

A conversation about identity politics

In this episode of Black Box teater podcast, you will hear a conversation between social anthropologist and research librarian Michelle A. Tisdel and artist, filmmaker and writer Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor. Their talk evolves around self-identification and identity politics: the term ‘identity politics’ is used and misused, and carries different connotations depending on who is using it, and in which context it is being used. Why is this term dividing? Which perspectives should be voiced?

We invited Michelle Tisdel, who then suggested answering these questions through an ongoing conversation with Jessica Lauren Elisabeth Taylor – a dialogue you are about to listen to.

You may also read the written version of the conversation in Black Box teater Publication #6.

Bonus info: This recording was done on the 18 February, the twin birthday of Toni Morrison and Audre Lorde!

NB: This episode is in English.

Published 16 March 2021.