Breakfast with Maritea Dæhlin and Ibrahim Fazlic

09:00–10:00 ▲ Cancelled Black Box teater Free admission

Extended program Breakfast with Maritea Conversation

NB! Due to the latest development of the Coronavirus in Norway, the breakfast conversation is unfortunately cancelled.

Black Box teater has invited Maritea Dæhlin to curate and moderate breakfast conversations with invited guests.

In her artistic work, Dæhlin challenges and explores our fascination with the “other” – both by looking at the value of being open and curious about the unknown and unfamiliar, and at the same time acknowledging the darker side: the one where condescending exotification creates distance and objectifies.

The idea is to have an open conversation with the invited artists and a participating audience.

In this second breakfast conversation Maritea Dæhlin meets Ibrahim Fazlic. Fazlic is a performance art artist and a playwright.

We serve coffee and cinnamon buns.