Breakfast prelude: “How to. A score”

09:00–11:00 Scenehuset Free admission

Extended program How to. A score Conversation

One week before the Oslo premiere of what is the total puzzle of solo works creating How to. A score by Mia Habib Productions, the company invites to an open and free breakfast event at Scenehuset at Majorstua, Oslo. Here the six artists will discuss and share experiences from the process. It will be moderated by dramaturge and dance artist Monica Gillette. They will also, in conversation with the participants, address the foundation of the project: How do we work together or with a local community? If you look away from the Norwegian word dugnad, there is no descriptive word for community in the Norwegian language. The breakfast meeting is organized as a platform of togetherness, taking part in the discussion and meeting the acclaimed international dance artists who all work in different ways.

The event is in English and open for everyone and free of charge.

Hosted by Dansens Hus.