Booklaunch Scenekunstklassikere no. 2 and 3

18:00–20:00 Norma T Free admission

Extended program Conversation

Double book launch!

Welcome to the double book launch in the book series Scenekunstklassikere! "Lisa Lie: Blue Motel" by Ibrahim Fazlic and "Martin Slaatto: Transporteringsdans" by Sidsel Pape!

Ibrahim Fazlic and Sidsel Pape write about their own encounters with the performances and present documentation and conversations with the artists behind them.

The book series is a deep dive into the free performing arts from the 1970s until today, written by various authors, and all based on personal experiences of a performance.

There will be speeches, a reading from the book, a conversation with Ibrahim Fazlic, Sidsel Pape and the book's editor Eirik Fauske – and bubbles, music and celebration!

The books will be sold with a launch price 150 NOK